9-Sen, 2020
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    CJ_ON_ 32sCJ_ON_ 32sOy oldin
    • And you@GetMoney Family nojj

      Travis RuleTravis Rule20 kun oldin
    • 💯

      D BennettD BennettOy oldin
    • Yes sir cj

      Awesome BeastAwesome BeastOy oldin
    • That guy was a customer invaded your space gang!

      David GallegoDavid GallegoOy oldin
    • 904 Jacksonville FL in da building #32gang $gasman904

      Sean ReidSean ReidOy oldin
  • All white that is what I am talking bout

    Aj wAj w3 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂 got the yo gotti car collection

    Aj wAj w3 kun oldin
  • You have some cool cars cj on 32

    Kevin MorrisonKevin Morrison28 kun oldin
  • That Redeye + Trackhawk duo side by side so damn tough

    Damarius 11Damarius 1128 kun oldin
  • That flat body 😂😂😂

    tha jalapenotha jalapenoOy oldin
  • Love the Channel ... Cars are on point, cannot wait to see Cutlass.

    Grey MGrey MOy oldin
  • I would pick the vett or the Challenger

    xd BariBaller24xd BariBaller24Oy oldin
  • Dude came threw the roof like he was a spy on a cartoon can’t remember cartoon thinking bout, outta the white fleet I’m taking the Vette hands down

    Elegant_HustleElegant_HustleOy oldin
  • I sense a new intro/outro coming! New cars on the channel, Becky gone....so yeah. 🤘🏽

    Nnadozie EmeziNnadozie EmeziOy oldin
  • Too hard 💯

    Marc SosaMarc SosaOy oldin
  • Nothing but straight motivation keep grinding big bro #️⃣3️⃣2️⃣ G🅰️🆖 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

    Artavious JonesArtavious JonesOy oldin
  • Them White Cars Just Morivated The Fuck Outta Me .... Do Yo Shit CJ ❗ #32GANG 💪🏾

    Body BagBody BagOy oldin

    Kevin EdwardsKevin EdwardsOy oldin
  • uzworld.info

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    MrGoHardForDaFamMrGoHardForDaFamOy oldin
  • Three Angels... Cuss u got 3 white cars...gang gang...👍👍👍👍🤪

    Alex LunaAlex LunaOy oldin
  • Shit hard 💪🏾‼️

    Jerry Wayne Thompson JrJerry Wayne Thompson JrOy oldin
  • #32GANG🔥💯🤘🏽

    HurtisticHurtisticOy oldin
  • Big motivation bro I swear double salute big#32gang💯🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾💯

    COOL K1D23COOL K1D23Oy oldin
  • 👍🏾🤜🏾 Chevy gang all day everyday. Vette🤘🏾

    timothy fishertimothy fisherOy oldin
  • What's old girl channel? She nice

    G BennyG BennyOy oldin

    Jacqueline JohnsonJacqueline JohnsonOy oldin
  • Dope

    Reviews, and reactions from a Small RoomReviews, and reactions from a Small RoomOy oldin
  • Dodge at least should offer vert options on the Challenger's by now 💯

    Dominick WoodsDominick WoodsOy oldin
  • Dope

    Reviews, and reactions from a Small RoomReviews, and reactions from a Small RoomOy oldin
  • Stunna did that visual parking mosaic. .. GREAT JOB! CJ & STUNNA...

    Jennifer McCallJennifer McCallOy oldin
  • Not to be a hate but to guide you that the red head not the red block the block is a little bit lower ...32 gang 🤘

    XSV_ EliXSV_ EliOy oldin
  • 32gang snowing in September ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

    Sean 32Sean 32Oy oldin
  • You could have a all white collection with different types of white paint on each car and then do the same to your other cars. Two houses two collections🤘🏾🤘🏾

    Kent JordanKent JordanOy oldin
  • Whats sup CJ this your boy tay n Milwaukee happy 4 u fam keep up the good work love bro 32🤘

    Devonte JonesDevonte JonesOy oldin
  • If i had that much to afford those cars. I would have gotten me a house on a land of acres.

    Hassan Cook-BeyHassan Cook-BeyOy oldin
  • You should put a snorkel on the front of that trackhawk I never seen one like that and it would be sweet you got a very nice collection God bless you guys and you always keep it 💯 that's what I love about all your channels , and of course with a driveway like that you're going to have haters but don't let them sweat you stay 💪🏼👍🏻👍🏻

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • yes sir

    bluacurasbluacurasOy oldin
  • I challenge tay to a race!!😊😎💪🏾

    Seth St. PatrickSeth St. PatrickOy oldin
  • Motivation 💪💪

    Jay frostJay frostOy oldin
  • I'll go with the C8

    Quatez BrownQuatez BrownOy oldin
  • All white everything man bro CJ man I'll take all da cars lol 😂 I love Dem all man like frfr aye CJ u should aftermarket tails light on the trackhawk #32gang 🤟🏾🤟🏾

    Tyrell BrooksTyrell BrooksOy oldin
  • cj on 32s is were it is at i am 14 and i want a dodge challeneger hellcat red eye my dream car lol

    aydin trujilloaydin trujilloOy oldin
  • Now that's a intro, motivation, and goals all in one. 32 gang

    Shaun HurndonShaun HurndonOy oldin
  • The all white everything is nuts and I’m going with the redeye

    Rodney DanielsRodney DanielsOy oldin
  • I hope you can reach out to me and help me

    Awesome BeastAwesome BeastOy oldin
    • Please if your reading this reach out to me

      Awesome BeastAwesome BeastOy oldin

    Juliann PrattJuliann PrattOy oldin
  • Dope ass line up! Gimme the Trackhawk 1st, C8 2nd, and Hellcat 3rd🥴

    Stephenn MorrisonStephenn MorrisonOy oldin
  • Respect ✊🏾 keep it up

    Dwight MorganDwight MorganOy oldin
  • 💪🏽

    Jethro LackingJethro LackingOy oldin
  • #32gang🤘🤘

    gersoncastillo12gersoncastillo12Oy oldin
  • Man 3 hard fast white beautiful rides n motivation for all #32gang 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🏁🏁🏁🏁

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  • 🗣 32 GANG🤘🏾 SUBSCRIBE TO MY UZworld CHANNEL: Wicked Kids‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤👀 uzworld.info/player/video/qKrcepaIZtvRpJo

    Stephanie MarksStephanie MarksOy oldin
  • You big Time now, so time to get a camera crew make them movie like videos

    Antwan SmithAntwan SmithOy oldin
    • @CJ_ON_ 32s thats factz 2.i can't deny that🤘

      Antwan SmithAntwan SmithOy oldin
    • I make raw footage thats just being like everyone else bro 🤘

      CJ_ON_ 32sCJ_ON_ 32sOy oldin
  • Str88 Motivation!

    90 GMC Sierra90 GMC SierraOy oldin
  • Im taking trackhawk!!

    D BennettD BennettOy oldin
  • Tell tayyy I said lil booties matter 🤣🤣🤣

    Life of Wild 1Life of Wild 1Oy oldin
  • Congratulations on your hard work

    Dion WilliamsDion WilliamsOy oldin
  • Supercharged the Redeye

    Jose RamirezJose RamirezOy oldin
  • I LOVE your cars and your work CJ_ON_32s. FORGET the HATERS..WE ALL have them....KEEP GRINDING and SHOWING LOVE ❤ to YOUR subscribers......I got nothing but LOVE for YOU!!! ✌.... Lori First

    Chel FrenchChel FrenchOy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🥰

    BIG6 TVBIG6 TVOy oldin
  • It's not winter yet CJ got. The Driveway full of snow With the white cars.🤘32gang🤘

    ghost4ghost4Oy oldin
  • 🔥

    JAY VlogsJAY VlogsOy oldin
  • Salute to you CJ I love your ambition how you put it in action. Like you always say the grind don’t stop

    Daryl SpencerDaryl SpencerOy oldin
  • #32GANG2020🌍💙💙💙💙💯

    Shawn CarterShawn CarterOy oldin
  • Big ups 💪 32gang with the all white everything 💯

    TaylorGangForLifeTaylorGangForLifeOy oldin
  • Dodge Challenger SRT for sure looking 🔥

    Death On SightDeath On SightOy oldin
  • Salute. #32Gang🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

    axi1100axi1100Oy oldin
  • Yo CJ_On 32s I love your 2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye and 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 and Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk too Keep up with good work just to be like you

    Tony GabrieleTony GabrieleOy oldin
  • hey CJ such a fan do you think we can get a video a day in the life??

    Cynthia GossettCynthia GossettOy oldin
  • You should go 8’s on the track hawk

    Tony HarrisTony HarrisOy oldin
  • Nothing but Motivation when I watch ur Vids💯 #32Gang 🤘🏽

    Saucey CapalotSaucey CapalotOy oldin
  • Nice line up lol CJ don't even entertain those haters saying your cars fake IF YOU DON'T GOT HATERS YOU AIN'T POPPIN

    hail houstonhail houstonOy oldin
  • The snowflake effect!

    P CP COy oldin
  • Cj you gotta go crazy with the color flips

    micaiah Parkermicaiah ParkerOy oldin
  • Say cj 32 where the yo gotti at?that wasn't no gotti it was a Corvette so why on ur thumb nail u put a white yo gotti when it wasn't one....false advertising nah but hey those are some nice cars u have.shit im not gonna stunt i don't even have a car anymore. im not hating on u i just don't want other people to start talking out there ass about it.say cj im a big fan my gee much love 💘 and god bless you and your family 👪 as well.

    Amerikan most fugitiveAmerikan most fugitiveOy oldin
  • Driveway looking great...

    Lexx AmillionLexx AmillionOy oldin
  • 2021 will be lit!!!

    BlackWithGunsBlackWithGunsOy oldin
  • Cj is you going let pops drive the redeye

    NellyNell 88 BaabyNellyNell 88 BaabyOy oldin
  • Bro its my first time commenting and ive bin with u since 25k fu real no cap but car love from jamaica we dont see these things that much in jamaica so i appreciate ur chanel very much❤💯

  • if you play fortnite I'm that Connect on the v bucks I do 15$ for a 1000 here is my email address calvin.willliams2@stu.jefferson.kyschools.us and tell your brother cj so cool to

    Calvin WilliamsCalvin WilliamsOy oldin
  • 🤘🏽Awesome all white lineup collection

    Happy DazeHappy DazeOy oldin
  • One word: Success 💯💯💯🦾🦾🦾🦾

    llThe TruthllllThe TruthllOy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Jason GreenJason GreenOy oldin
  • Salute bigg dawg 💯

    ken brownken brownOy oldin
  • I love it Bro

    Daryl SpencerDaryl SpencerOy oldin
  • Queen Tay Sexy Asf 🥰😍

    Cream City BoyCream City BoyOy oldin
  • Bruh dat all white collections iz on point. Specially dat red eye. Den dat vert in the front

    SonnydaFordking GangSonnydaFordking GangOy oldin
  • She said “Trackhawk”😭 she know them shits hard

    ZaakZaakOy oldin
  • Mr.32....ima need a class on how to level up

    Rollin RonRollin RonOy oldin
  • Dats a bad ass line up straight killas🤘🏾... congrats

    PowerhouseRacing channelPowerhouseRacing channelOy oldin
  • This is Motivation.....keep dropping hits bro

    Jr ScogginsJr ScogginsOy oldin
  • Omi in a hellcat 200 pounds lighter and with braids....lol #gang

    TaylorMade KennelsTaylorMade KennelsOy oldin
  • Yo CJ I’m in the navy stationed in Guam and I love the content keep grinding I’m trying to get like you! Representing 913 Kansas City #32 gang

    Cameron LeeCameron LeeOy oldin
  • Prison Tattoo artist checking in. 32Gang

    Malik Forbes 1MMalik Forbes 1MOy oldin
    • 🗣️‼️😉💰

      Malik Forbes 1MMalik Forbes 1MOy oldin
  • hardest 2020 lineup keep it up cj

    micaiah Parkermicaiah ParkerOy oldin
  • Straight Motivation 🔥🔥🤘🏽🤘🏽

    MyCarHitsMyCarHitsOy oldin
  • 🤘🏾🔥

    kvng Willkvng WillOy oldin
  • 32 Gang!!

    Robert BrooksRobert BrooksOy oldin
  • What’s up CJ and #32Gang Yoo CJ I like the intro beat but I think (Loud Pipes - Lil Wayne) would fit the channel so perfect #PureCocainDriveWay #RoadTo1MillionSubs #SuperChargedGang

    PacManCao New_WarleansPacManCao New_WarleansOy oldin
  • 🧐🤘🏾🤟🏾🤘🏾🤟🏾

    DoubleLz _LIVEDoubleLz _LIVEOy oldin
  • Love the content brother. You stay grinding and motivating, make jokes and teach . Definitely enjoying your vlogs. 👍🏾

    Carolina ResellersCarolina ResellersOy oldin
  • Working while working Even God said, get yo money mayne .... Psalm 3:14

    Og SwinefluOg SwinefluOy oldin
  • Why dude with the hat look like jayZ

    Michael iMichael iOy oldin