6-Okt, 2020
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  • Baby blue

    Angel MoralesAngel Morales10 soat oldin
  • Matte royal blue with the rims to match 😍😍

    Steven GordonSteven Gordon14 soat oldin
  • Blue or red

    Jamaica WagnerJamaica Wagner4 kun oldin
  • Dark candy pearl purple. Peanutbutter inside outside jelly 😉 or dark pearl black cherry

    Michael EllisonMichael Ellison4 kun oldin
  • You gotta go ultra green interior on the charger

    Pete PoseyPete Posey4 kun oldin
  • Donka donk 🤣🤣🤣 pops got no chill

    Life of Wild 1Life of Wild 15 kun oldin
  • You can't get rid of the truck. Every man should have one. You don't even have to do nothing to it, but knowing you, you gone do something to it #32gang 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

    Terrance McDowellTerrance McDowell6 kun oldin
  • Pops is the coolest dude on this side of the Mississippi river #32Gang #SkyIsTheLimit still #ChevyGang

    Delvonn KinnonDelvonn Kinnon6 kun oldin
  • 💘 to see the c8 matte olive green. Have a nice day and stay positive.

    that guy corderothat guy cordero7 kun oldin
  • Wrap it metallic green with matching forgis homie

    mochavated1mochavated17 kun oldin
  • I Can see the C8 customized in candy apple red but I know it's yo whip!

    Dominick WoodsDominick Woods8 kun oldin
  • Bruh i ain't no ya pops was mc hammer

    Innovative EnergyInnovative Energy8 kun oldin
  • I dont know how i ended up on this video but i enjoyed it.. you and yo pops relationship is smooth

    Nique at NiteNique at Nite9 kun oldin
  • What about some candy racing strips on the c8?

    Anthony CharlrsAnthony Charlrs9 kun oldin
  • Well throw the black and chrome flakes on the white paint with the rims shine more

    Ken WillKen Will9 kun oldin
  • Man I think if you hit the C8 with a Chocolate drip to complement the peanut butter gutz! Wheels peanut butter with the chocolate lip and the spoiler peanut butter as well! Then you will have the only Twix The Mix C8! Whatever you do to it, I bet that beauty will be a beast! About to watch Pops drive now!

    Treflip KinnalTreflip Kinnal10 kun oldin
  • Cold start sound good on the c8

    aquan longaquan long10 kun oldin
  • Just want to show respect tryna hit on the impala

    Dedric BlanksDedric Blanks10 kun oldin
  • Bro would u help me get my channel popping bro my car is in the paint shop now 1990 Merc grand marquis on 30s help a brother out I no u got a lot going on ya self

    The junkyard GangThe junkyard Gang10 kun oldin
  • Paint it like the bumble bee

    JohnJohnx4JohnJohnx410 kun oldin
  • Kandy teal

    Boss Tank901Boss Tank90110 kun oldin
  • 🤣

    Marc SosaMarc Sosa10 kun oldin
  • Gold with a victory wreath on the hood

    Jay HNIC RariJay HNIC Rari10 kun oldin
  • Wine Red....wit a crazy flip

    Jay CarterJay Carter10 kun oldin
  • Match it with the SS

    GarySantannah GotBandzGarySantannah GotBandz10 kun oldin
  • Cj you and pops is bless ,I enjoy you guy's relationship it is so Beautiful. You dont see things like that know more .32 gang for life enjoy life love you guy's 💪💪🍾🍾

    Anthony CaldwellAnthony Caldwell11 kun oldin
  • I’d say some shade of blue would be lit 😍

    Sam DesmondSam Desmond11 kun oldin
  • You gotta pop your dog ass whenever he messes up and to house break him Cut up something like some hot dogs and put em in a bag inside of the refrigerator and give him a treat for doing right and not using the bathroom in your house or in his cage and second thing you need to put him on a schedule take him out At least 3times a day starting when you wake the kids up for school That’s what I did with my bully and now he doesn’t use the bathroom anymore in his cage or in my house But you gotta pop his ass every time he does wrong tho

    Courtney GaskinsCourtney Gaskins11 kun oldin
  • Just white pearl

    DeAngelo caffeyDeAngelo caffey11 kun oldin
  • 32 Gang Bro it's a original C8 on forgitio 🤘

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph Williams11 kun oldin
  • That c8 in wine red with those peanut butter seats 😍

    B2SmoovEB2SmoovE11 kun oldin
  • Black and green

    MegatronMegatron11 kun oldin
  • Love to see u and pops kicking it stay bless my brother respect

    timkelly8timkelly811 kun oldin
  • Burnt orange on that c8 and trade the redeye for a viper g that would be legendary

    Austin FontanaAustin Fontana11 kun oldin
  • Get you a big boy diesel

    Kedarrion NelsonKedarrion Nelson11 kun oldin
  • Outrageous orange

    Chris ThomasChris Thomas11 kun oldin
  • Flat green or red

    moneyshotsfiredmoneyshotsfired11 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/g5upqsugaZqoaaI check me out

    PaperMan PizzlePaperMan Pizzle12 kun oldin
  • Keep the truck and keep doing what made you I'm with you with what ever cuz you keep it coming 32 gang.

    Curvie FitzeatrickCurvie Fitzeatrick12 kun oldin
  • Greenish blue

    Steven McCulloughSteven McCullough12 kun oldin
  • rather him than gran nasty

    Erban HolmesErban Holmes12 kun oldin
  • Candy apple red on the c8 CJ 32 gang !!!!!!!!!!!

    Adolfo SaladoAdolfo Salado12 kun oldin
  • Get the outside jelly color the inside already the perfect color

    Dale BellDale Bell12 kun oldin
  • Aye chould. Think it’s time to re race dunk master put that red eye on he’s ass that’s what u need do make a race car

    Dale BellDale Bell12 kun oldin
  • Demon👹👹🤧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Houncho BxndzHouncho Bxndz12 kun oldin
  • Love the way you keep your pops around!!! FAMILY

    GlenGlen12 kun oldin
  • At first I was saying the vette was perfect which it is. But, I understand where you're coming from. You want to separate yours from the rest. The car I have had no one fixing this type of car up or using the rims that I have. Now I see a lot of people in the area using the same wheels 2 years later. Now I'm starting to see people customizing the same car. I'm ready to see what color your gonna go with.

    Carl TaylorCarl Taylor12 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂 (donkadonk) like seeing pops in the videos #32GANG 🤘🤘🤘

    Dub TijerinaDub Tijerina12 kun oldin
  • Think about milk chocolate brown with a slight pearlized coating to look like gleason chocolate. With the interior it can be your peanut butter cup

    D GD G12 kun oldin
  • 1of1 Vette!

    Jatorus DanielsJatorus Daniels12 kun oldin
  • You seen rod wave c8 that thing fire

    Bluespace 07Bluespace 0712 kun oldin
  • the c8 would look good in a candy blue

    Jt_thegoat18Jt_thegoat1812 kun oldin
  • I would change the color for real

    Lance WhiteLance White12 kun oldin
  • I would change the color for real

    Lance WhiteLance White12 kun oldin
  • CJ ON 32's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Leonozer DickersonLeonozer Dickerson12 kun oldin
    • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

      Leonozer DickersonLeonozer Dickerson12 kun oldin
  • Well how about whatever car you get rid of you just give it to your pops

    Leonozer DickersonLeonozer Dickerson12 kun oldin
  • Don’t jump out the window wit the c8 yet just get a wrap for now paint it next winter

    K Y R E E VLOGSK Y R E E VLOGS13 kun oldin
  • Do like a perlleasent purple or some 🔥

    Angel CruzAngel Cruz13 kun oldin
  • I’ll have petho do an outrageous white 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Peezy RollandPeezy Rolland13 kun oldin
  • He say Chivy like my dad...

    Tavares ThomasTavares Thomas13 kun oldin
  • 🤘32gang🤘 good to see Father and Son bonding. A candy on the C8 paint job will look 🔥🔥

    ghost4ghost413 kun oldin
  • Blessings sir and everyone viewing I don't know what crazy color I think of but whatever you come up with it's going to he dope str8 up ALWAYS REMEMBER I LOVE YOU ALL JUST AS GOD STILL DOES #32GANG 🤟🏽

    Michael AnthonyMichael Anthony13 kun oldin
  • Cj I heard you say to drop a comment on the truck i don’t know if you like lifted trucks but you should lift it and have 32s keep the forgies but just add some nittos

    Wapp GWapp G13 kun oldin
  • Paint it bro ! You gotta alot of white cars but hey them yo shit go wit your gut brotha ‼💪🏽. Damn you & your pop twins 😂

    sheed Wilkssheed Wilks13 kun oldin
  • I really love how u and pops be having good times together wish I had that man but Ile never find out what it’s like man treasure him and treasure y’all good and happy moments

    Kurtis WinkeyKurtis Winkey13 kun oldin
  • 32 gang and pops loves tht car and try a orange flip

    JmlifeJmlife13 kun oldin
  • Hey yo Pops is cool as hell a real G

  • Metallic Diamond Blue would 5 coats of gloss

  • The possibilities are so many Pepsi Blue what's a gold Pearl

  • Navy blue with a lime green pearl set alarm green trim

  • Pops called Donkmaster out said line up he want some gap sauce Lol

    Daryl SpencerDaryl Spencer13 kun oldin
  • Luv seeing you and pops hanging out cj..32 gang 💪

    E WoodE Wood13 kun oldin
  • A sweet purple would be cold on the c8

    The DonThe Don13 kun oldin
  • C8 would look good with a paint job similar to the SS.

    corey Sturghillcorey Sturghill13 kun oldin
  • If I did mess wit the C8 I would probably do a flip flop paint on it, glad to here u still got plans for the truck, want u just turn the red eye into a wide body with like a 30in in the rear and 28in in the front just an ideal, pops had me rolling he said “donka donk” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Elegant_HustleElegant_Hustle13 kun oldin
  • I was in my 3rd dream lol

    Sameer WilliamsSameer Williams13 kun oldin
  • Al drove it but it wasn’t on rims yet so first person on rims

    steve-o seidesteve-o seide13 kun oldin
  • Put a good pearl teal wet or you can kill’em with the matte pearl teal

    J MackJ Mack13 kun oldin
  • How much do y’all think it would cost to do full custom interior on a car

    Ervin CecilioErvin Cecilio13 kun oldin
  • You should do some kinda blue that’s hits different on the sun like purple,green and blue like a electric effect on the c8 shit would look cold

    Ervin CecilioErvin Cecilio13 kun oldin
  • Pearlescent black with a hint of silver

    Keiron WKeiron W13 kun oldin
  • Get yo truck lifted

    Cooking with kevin YTCooking with kevin YT13 kun oldin
  • Silver with a flip on tha c8👌💯 #32gang

    Yung GogettaYung Gogetta13 kun oldin
  • hyper green c8 has never been done cj im from illinoise ....... we make the illest noise

    So Epic GamesSo Epic Games13 kun oldin
  • Do a teal blue or aqua blue with flakes

    Rafael RangelRafael Rangel13 kun oldin
  • Purple green flip wit dem peanut butter guts gone b special eddddd pullup as I call ittt 😂

    Kenneth WillisKenneth Willis13 kun oldin
  • Paint it Tiffany blue or indigo blue or dark green

    DeMarco JDeMarco J13 kun oldin
  • Candy blue

    Charlie Smooth aka PoloCharlie Smooth aka Polo13 kun oldin
  • Man I swear I love when you with your pops y’all bond is so powerful and Lmfaoo he said donk AH DONK mannnn How can there be 38 dislikes?🤦🏾‍♂️ I know why they mad it’s because they dad went out for smokes and to get a carton of🥛 and that was 30 years ago and he still anint back 😂☠️☠️☠️☠️ but

    Kyle PruitteKyle Pruitte13 kun oldin
  • Your OG is funny as hell CJ he called Donk Master Donka Donk😂

    KenMan317 KenMan317KenMan317 KenMan31713 kun oldin
  • Only right to do your touch on the c8 besides I seen one did up n that junt was right so I know u going to come with it

    Daniel AlexanderDaniel Alexander13 kun oldin
  • Do your thang and slap that paint on that C8! Break the internet and pissed the trolls off 😈

    Chris WashingtonChris Washington13 kun oldin
  • When pops called donk master "donk a donk" 😂🤣 #32gang🤘

    Hason RobertsonHason Robertson13 kun oldin
  • Blue base with a yellow pearl. Hardest

    Austin FlipAustin Flip13 kun oldin
  • Take the tanks paint scheme

    Mychal GoldingMychal Golding13 kun oldin
  • donka dunk lmfao.

    Ramon NunezRamon Nunez13 kun oldin
  • Pops funny af “donk a donk, donk donk” 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

    Desi-Mend JacksonDesi-Mend Jackson13 kun oldin
  • Should put a green pearl on the red eye or C8

    Desi-Mend JacksonDesi-Mend Jackson13 kun oldin
  • Rolling with shine? Or am i spelling it wrong?

    Life With OGLife With OG13 kun oldin
  • Dodge gotta step there interior game up that c8 is clean

    Life With OGLife With OG13 kun oldin