4-Sen, 2020
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    CJ_ON_ 32sCJ_ON_ 32sOy oldin
    • Cj got gold Forgiato‘s for his red👁! 💪🏾💪🏾

      sadium mathissadium mathisOy oldin
    • Playa hating bitch made no car having ass girl pants wearing new age kids that ain't gon never make it past 30 talking about what a red eye is.just stfu trolls 🤦🏿‍♂️🤫

      February Donn15February Donn15Oy oldin
    • Ctfu . Big bruh shutting sht down . Break the internet cj . You and cj so cool got the whip game on lock 🔐😎 bigg faxts

      Moočhi da great 3K00Moočhi da great 3K00Oy oldin
    • #32GANG💯

      Jay SoCoolJay SoCoolOy oldin
    • My family said I wouldn't be successful with rapping 😔 do they owe me a apology ?.... uzworld.info/player/video/iInaga5pdKauoXw

      Baggy E4GBaggy E4GOy oldin
  • CJ, I also lease but I did not know you could modify a car and change all the interior help me to understand how you can do that on a lease just in case I want to do some modifications. Thanks in advance for the response

    Theodore HarrisTheodore Harris15 kun oldin
    • @CJ_ON_ 32s OK my brother thanks for clearing it up because I lease vehicles and was very confused about your statement. Thanks for the great content brother

      Theodore HarrisTheodore Harris6 kun oldin
    • My car ain't leased it was a joke

      CJ_ON_ 32sCJ_ON_ 32s15 kun oldin
  • What’s the intro song beat thing it’s sounds smooth

    Nix HNix H15 kun oldin
  • these haters be stupid as fuck challengers come redeye wide body and non widebody the charger hellcats come in only widebody. these mfs on here talking shit live in they moms basement and dont even have a car lol. stupid ass lame fuck boy haters

    mopar lifemopar life18 kun oldin
  • That’s what’s wrong with Some of us black folks always in competition and hate on the next person. For example- I just got a new car my brother and cuzzn asked me why I didn’t get the other one why I got this certain color instead of keeping they thoughts to they self and say I’m proud of you

    KustumKustum20 kun oldin
  • “I’m just tryna entertain and motivate” FACTS 📈💯

    Silverado TumbadooOooSilverado TumbadooOoo20 kun oldin
  • I respect your grind fam any advise you could give to a up and comer

    timothy noblestimothy nobles21 kun oldin
  • Between you and Corey . Y’all got the hardest lineup fr 💯

    Joshua BoykinJoshua Boykin21 kun oldin
  • If you ever get rid of the mustang and done want the wheels HMU , @( angel1nava87@gmail.com)

    Angel NavaAngel Nava21 kun oldin
  • I look up to u bro I wanna put the same forgiatos you got on the SS but on my truck Chevy 1500 2020

    Angel NavaAngel Nava21 kun oldin
  • The intro did he make the beat

    III-BODY xOps-IIIIII-BODY xOps-III22 kun oldin
  • Some People hate they can’t even rent one even if they wanted to.

    RockdagroundRockdaground28 kun oldin
  • Well leasing a car is better than just buying it cuz it helps your credit

    Not ChrisNot Chris29 kun oldin
  • Only the demon is widebody

    Alex KileAlex KileOy oldin
  • 🕊

    #RichbirdsLoft Pigeons#RichbirdsLoft PigeonsOy oldin
  • Hate when niggas out there acting like females worrying about what a another guy got, especially its the ones who don’t have one keep pushing bruh do ya thang! Can’t believe u changing the wheels on the SS I know it’s go be lit

    Elegant_HustleElegant_HustleOy oldin
  • Fuck haters keep shining bruh i like to c my ppl smiling livin they best life✊🏾

    Andrew HayesAndrew HayesOy oldin
  • #32 Gang

    Ryan ThompsonRyan ThompsonOy oldin
  • Noti Gang ✊🏼

    Ryan ThompsonRyan ThompsonOy oldin
  • I can't see them doing that man that definitely got to be a red-eye fam

    Joey DilucciaJoey DilucciaOy oldin
  • CJ you one of the realest UZworldrs I follow. You don’t lie about nothing in your vlogs. No caping at all 👍🏾

    korinithus gordonkorinithus gordonOy oldin
  • Mann I seen you come a long way. Keep up the good work. I don't even do social media or nothing, but I tell people to watch your videos and they come back telling me what I missed you post.

    Erv HuntErv HuntOy oldin
  • Still love them spokes

    Jada carterJada carterOy oldin
  • Flint Michigan

    Jada carterJada carterOy oldin
  • Thts dope keep grinding my dude

    Jada carterJada carterOy oldin
  • CJ you and Stunna Reese I ain't got nothing but love for you guys I love that red Chevy Camaro that's nice your whole fleets nice you sitting on a nice Fleet of cars God bless you guys and like you always say got to go ☝️ from here stay💯💪🏼👍🏻👍🏻 my man

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • I'm being told the redeye non widebody is a special edition or rare Vin code car from the manufacturer . So congratulations

    DatBoy SlickDatBoy SlickOy oldin
  • let these weirdos be weirdos in weirdo land and ignore them you diggggggggg

    gang tvgang tvOy oldin
  • Bro go E85 on the red eye boosted cars loveeee it!!!

    Jimmy DeanJimmy DeanOy oldin
  • 26s gone be hard on that bad boy on me

    SmittyBbando TheprinceSmittyBbando TheprinceOy oldin
  • Why dont u do a lowrider

    Victor De LeonVictor De LeonOy oldin
  • Didn’t know u buddies with benzino baby brother !😹

    Joe MoeJoe MoeOy oldin
  • It’s good to see some people I can identify with (niggaz) doing big thangs with these cars shout out to CJ and Stunna

    Henry VilleryHenry VilleryOy oldin
  • Love watching people become successful.

    Young SMGYoung SMGOy oldin
  • I can’t wait for that cutless build

    ctezz101ctezz101Oy oldin
  • ‼️‼️SHARE,SHARE AND SHARE again family so he can hit that 600K and I can win my car. That would save me $523 a month because I would get rid of my truck payment and save that money to buy a second house‼️‼️💯💯#32Gang 🤘🏽

    sellina4lifesellina4lifeOy oldin
  • Congrats agian all love over here strong success cj keep grinding and living your life god bless u must brother .if you don't have no haters u ain't popping .🏁✊👊32Gang

    Malaun ShoesMalaun ShoesOy oldin
  • Niggas need to try to get on your level. I know i am. Love your life and family.

    chris hunterchris hunterOy oldin
  • Get da strap lol

    Yung MacMane17Yung MacMane17Oy oldin
  • Bruh how the base price of his 2020 red eye was 58k? I’m tryna find me one for that!

    Life of Sherry and TylerLife of Sherry and TylerOy oldin
  • #️⃣3️⃣2️⃣ G🅰️🆖 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

    Artavious JonesArtavious JonesOy oldin
  • A clone😂you on they head CJ keep applying that pressure 32Gang🤟🏾

    KenMan317 KenMan317KenMan317 KenMan317Oy oldin
  • I can’t wait for this build, because I know it’s getting ready to be real sick CJ 32Gang🤟🏾

    KenMan317 KenMan317KenMan317 KenMan317Oy oldin
  • U stayed motivate to me bro I look up to u 💯

    JonathanPerez863JonathanPerez863Oy oldin
  • No one can take it away from you bro you been know for a while of 32s

    JonathanPerez863JonathanPerez863Oy oldin
  • I like that voice what Cj did sounded cool 😎👍🏽

    JonathanPerez863JonathanPerez863Oy oldin
  • Ss soo loud best car in da fleet only one that can’t leave da channel

    JonathanPerez863JonathanPerez863Oy oldin
  • Wtf your haters tellin u they rob u on this real red eye smh

    JonathanPerez863JonathanPerez863Oy oldin
  • *"alright unlcle p"* 😂🍾

    Big CatBig CatOy oldin
  • Ride out Borther’s

    Toby PalmoreToby PalmoreOy oldin
  • Bro! You are killing the scene. Don’t even acknowledge negativity.. You giving me motivation for my page..

    Stronger TogethaStronger TogethaOy oldin
  • CJ you gotta lil Durk the internet fam 💯💯💪🏾kill them voices 😂 all white everything Straight Up

    Self Made912Self Made912Oy oldin
  • I Love Your Red eye more cause it's not a widebody, and I still love both of them!

    Dominick WoodsDominick WoodsOy oldin
  • Shit id be happy with a r/t .......lol.....damn haters

    Justin BourgJustin BourgOy oldin
  • Catch can

    Ice BreakersIce BreakersOy oldin
  • The wide body hold to much weight that’s why the slim body faster

    tezo 314tezo 314Oy oldin
  • That’s how you know you doing something right because your opps come out of hiding...😎💯

    Aaron JacksonAaron JacksonOy oldin
  • That thing 🔥🔥🔥 but how you got it for 58k when they start at 72?

    C. MooreC. MooreOy oldin
  • “It’s not a redeye, it’s not a wide body. Shut yo stupid ass up!” 🤣🤣🤣💯

    Johnnie LaceyJohnnie LaceyOy oldin
  • Keep it hot on em cj man people gone talk bro fuck em I learn a lot from your channel bout cars so when I get right I kinda know what I want

    Rodney JenkinsRodney JenkinsOy oldin
  • In a red eye you shouldn’t hear shit but the motor anyway 💪🏾 fuck the haters . Sweet ride

  • Big troll lol #32Gang #SkyIsTheLimit still #ChevyGang

    Delvonn KinnonDelvonn KinnonOy oldin
  • Big troll lol #32Gang #SkyIsTheLimit still #ChevyGang

    Delvonn KinnonDelvonn KinnonOy oldin
  • A mother rented her 18 year old son a red eye he had it for 30 mins before he tore the back of my car up 🤦🏽‍♀️ but I got my car fixed and I’m alive and I got 50k out the situation 😩

    TWAN & NIKATWAN & NIKAOy oldin
  • 🤟🏾🤘🏾🤟🏾😂

    DoubleLz _LIVEDoubleLz _LIVEOy oldin
  • 🤘🏾

    Derrick BryantDerrick BryantOy oldin
  • I ant gonna lie 26-28 was what I was thinkin the SS still my favorite #32Gang

    Jayy_ NoblesJayy_ NoblesOy oldin
  • Bro

    Yahir PinedaYahir PinedaOy oldin
  • Keeper the same it already looks bad ass like that

    Yahir PinedaYahir PinedaOy oldin
  • That double S pressure 🔥🔥🔥

    Z A C C H E U SZ A C C H E U SOy oldin
  • Respect 👑Cj StayBlessed StayStrong #32GanG 🤘🏽winning

    Bratha Rick702Bratha Rick702Oy oldin
  • 2 cars you should never get rid of the vette and the SS

    Brandon GaryBrandon GaryOy oldin
  • 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

    Woo HodgesWoo HodgesOy oldin
  • U motivate me bro keep doing your thing my G

    MC RealtyMC RealtyOy oldin
  • Jc_no_32s 🤟🏾

    Kyondric middlebrooksKyondric middlebrooksOy oldin
  • Great video, wide body or none wide body still great vehicle. I love my 2020 392 challenger none wide body. Keep it going

    bigheavy12bigheavy12Oy oldin
  • 🤘🏾🔥

    kvng Willkvng WillOy oldin
  • 🇵🇦🤜🤛💪💪💪💪🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦

    Darrell CalderonDarrell CalderonOy oldin
  • Never seen hood pins on a red eye that’s hard 💯

    Jaden TJaden TOy oldin
  • I swear bro I love to see two black men hustle and get to the top 🔝

    Baby J TVBaby J TVOy oldin
  • ThAt cleAn Bro don't let the HATERS tAke U out of character & Fuck A Hater 32GANG

    Wright TeeWright TeeOy oldin
  • Who cares why people hate???? I still see that Impala in the back tho 😍😍😍

    P CP COy oldin
  • Fly shit!

    Kahlil FKahlil FOy oldin
  • Y’all two keep mashing the gas 🏎. 🖕🏽dem haters. 🤘🏾💪🏽

    Gametime DrizzyGametime DrizzyOy oldin
  • Proud of you bro fuck the haters

    TheSnagGod TvTheSnagGod TvOy oldin
  • Yo cuz, don't even waist your time on them haters. Keep doing your thang

    Solo kSolo kOy oldin
  • Man that shit look like a stank eye

    june juyjune juyOy oldin
  • 🤘🏼hellcat finna be nasty

    Darian Franklin sr.Darian Franklin sr.Oy oldin
  • 🤟🤘Gang 🤟🤘Gang in the house 🏡 I’m ready for this. Car building going to start the first mods already done ✅ buying the car 🚗 now 2. Is those big Wheel’s next let’s let’s goo I’m ready to watch some epic video’s!

    Joe VigilJoe VigilOy oldin
  • Cjon32s & Redeye Reese Doing They Do Do Wop Dang Doozle 🤞🏾

    Casey JcksonCasey JcksonOy oldin
  • Cj on 32 i think you should call your red eye hellcat lady or sir

    Ricky BakerRicky BakerOy oldin
  • Man keep doing your thing out here pretty soon you gone have your own custom shop Iam talking all my cars to you foreal the realest in the game foreal #32gang 🤘🏾🤘🏾👍🏿🤘🏾🤘🏾

    Christopher PattersonChristopher PattersonOy oldin
  • Corey. No matter what you do it's always going to be a nay sayer, talking slick out the mouth. You already know that jealousy is a mood from lack thereof. So with that said. Bro I'm proud of you and all that you accomplished. I'm proud of my bro Stunna Reese as well. Keep rising to top, late them hate because they know without a doubt they won't approach you on a real grown man level. Stay up bro. Much respect from the Dirty Glove.

    Rich HarmonRich HarmonOy oldin
  • You balling bro

    Devon LewisDevon LewisOy oldin
  • That's cold

    Horace HendersonHorace HendersonOy oldin
  • You hard bro 🔥💯 I hope I be like this one day 🙏🏾💯

    Life of ZaytovenLife of ZaytovenOy oldin
  • I just got a dodge caravan lol plenty room 😂 luv yall peace

    darrendarrenOy oldin
  • Yes the horsepower that's why you only do 26 or under in wheel size..24s safest

    Seven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee DoggmanSeven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee DoggmanOy oldin
  • BULLETHeads..or bolt knockoffs... NEVER spinners

    Seven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee DoggmanSeven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee DoggmanOy oldin
  • I like the caprice it's dope

    Seven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee DoggmanSeven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee DoggmanOy oldin